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Elongated Tooth

“Please doctor, I wonder, why are my teeth elongated?” This is among the frequently asked questions by patients referred to Periodontics Specialist Unit. (Figure 1a demonstrates an example of elongated teeth) Figure 1a : Elongated Teeth Anatomically, our teeth can be devided into crown, neck and root. As for the …

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Bleeding Gum

The condition of bleeding gum is not healthy, therefore it shouldn’t be ignored by all. Bleeding gum can be caused by various factors (multifactorial). It can occur at the beginning stages of gum infection like gingivitis, or be a signal of more serious health problems. Risks and Causative Factors for …

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Gum Health And Denture

Introduction The importance of teeth is never truly appreciated until it is gone. Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth. It can help to restore quality of life by helping with day-to-day function, such as mastication, speaking, and aesthetic. Complete denture is used when all the teeth are …

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Loose Teeth

Introduction Everyone of us has experienced wobbly teeth during our childhood, especially when our milk teeth have started to fall out. Such event is considered to be physiologic as the milk teeth are giving ways for our permanent teeth to grow. The milk teeth or primary dentition will undergo gradual …

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