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Dental Problems

Oro-Antral Communication

What is oro-antral communication (OAC)? Abnormal connection between the oral cavity (mouth) and maxillary antrum. When oroantral communication is left open, epithelial tissue may develop in its track and we refer as oro-antral fistula. Oro antral fistula (OAF) – persistent epithelialized communication between the maxillary antrum and mouth. What causing …

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Orbital Swellings And Oral Health

Introduction The eyes and the oral cavity communicate directly via the maxilla or upper jaw of the facial skeleton. Hence, problems with the oral cavity may cause signs and symptoms of the eyes. Many pathological conditions of the mouth can cause periorbital swellings. Bacterial infection is the commonest cause for …

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Oral Tumour : A Possible Silent Killer

Oral tumour is a mass of abnormal tissue which arises from oral tissue with no obvious causes which stimulated the growth. It is characterized by independent  and unrestrainable growth. The   disease can be categorized into two types; benign and malignant.  The term “benign” implies for mild and non aggressive behavior …

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