Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth defined as retained teeth in the jaw beyond their normal date of eruption. The tooth becomes impacted because eruption is interrupted or obstructed by adjacent teeth, dense overlying bone or excessive soft tissue, malpositioning or lack of space in the arch.

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Problems Of Tooth Eruption

Eruption is a complicated process where teeth begin to appear through the gums.Humans have 2 sets of teeth, namely primary dentition and permanent dentition.Primary dentition consists of 20 baby teeth and erupts when infants are around 6 months of age. Permanent dentition consists of 32 teeth which starts erupting at the age of 6 years old.

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Periodontal Surgery

  The overall treatment of patients with caries and periodontal disease, including associated pathologic conditions (e.g. pulpal and periapical lesions, tooth migration, tooth loss) can he divided into three different but frequently overlapping phases: The phase of initial, cause-related therapy is aimed at bringing caries and gingivitis under control and …

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