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Food Hygiene

Safe Food Selection

Why do we need to select safe food? Safe food selection is important to prevent food poisoning. How do you select safe food? Choose raw food which are fresh Vegetable and fruits Not wilted, dehydrated, discoloured, rotten or with offensive smell Fish Shiny and bright surface and not covered with …

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Guide to Safe Food Storage

Introduction Food that not properly stored can support bacterial growth and undergoes chemical changes. Correct and proper storage is essential : To ensure it is safe to be consumed To maintain the appearance and taste The preserve the wholesomeness of the food The preserve the nutritional quality of the food …

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Proper Hand Washing

Introduction Your hands may look clean but doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Wash hand properly and thoroughly with soap and water: Before and after handling food After using the toilet After handling food waste After blowing your nose After handling toxic and dangerous material Wash hands with soap to remove …

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Safe Food Handling

What is safe food? Safe foods are foods that are free from contamination. Safe food handling is important to prevent food poisoning. Key facts Most people carry food poisoning bacteria at one time or another Food poisoning bacteria are found in human’s nostril, mouth, hands, intestine and infected wound/cuts Food …

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