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  Pengenalan Ada pelbagai teori yang menjelaskan tingkah laku manusia dalam bidang kesihatan mental. Antara yang lazim digunakan di Malaysia adalah teori psikoterapi dari model tingkah laku, kognitif tingkah laku dan psikodinamik (atau psikoanalisis). Psikoterapi Psikodinamik. Rawatan ini berasaskan teori Sigmund Freud, berkisar tentang minda bawah sedar yang dinamik dan …

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What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is very common and is increasing. The actual incidence is not known, as most victims of cyberbullying didn’t came forward to seek help. Cyberbullying can include threatening, humiliating, or intimidating someone, through the electronic medium such as instant-messaging programs, chat rooms, e-mail, social networking sites, mobile …

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Factor Affecting Mental Health Development

Protective factors can increase resiliency in a child. Resilient children can overcome and cope better against risk factors and negative life events. The following are some risk and protective factors that may affect the mental health of children: Risk Factors Protective factors Biological Exposure to toxins (e.g. tobacco, alcohol) in …

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Time Management

What is time management? Time management means prioritising goals and increasing work efficiency. What is time management skills? Time management skills help you to focus on the important things first and to work on them smartly. These skills include delegating, reducing distractions, setting time goals, using time-saving resources, etc. How …

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Learning Difficulties

Introduction Learning requires complex skills. Input through vision, hearing, touch, emotion, physical movement and balance will be processed together. To learn, an individual needs to be able to concentrate, remember, analyze and apply i.e. must have cognitive ability. Any problems with the processing the system or getting input will affect …

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Managing Stress in Children

Introduction Normal stress helps us to prepare with challenges for greater learning and opportunity, such as the experience before meeting new people,  going to a new places or going to school. However, constant stress leads to problems that can have long lasting consequence.  Many parents feel that children are only …

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