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Lesbian atau Wanita Homoseksual

Pengenalan “Lesbian” atau lesbianisme adalah sejenis perhubungan di mana wanita tertarik kepada wanita. Merujuk kepada wanita yang tertarik terhadap wanita lain. Di Barat, lesbianism mula menjadi budaya popular mempengaruhi aliran feminisme yang mempersoalkan peranan tradisional kaum lelaki. Di dalam bab ini, lesbianisme akan juga dirujuk sebagai wanita homoseksual. Kenapa seseorang …

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Introduction In plain English, gay refers to stay happily excited or keenly alive and exuberant. Most people refer to the practices associated with homosexuality or the culture of some people who are attracted to members of the same sex. In psychiatry, homosexual is a kind of sexual orientation which differs …

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Pondan atau Lelaki Homoseksual

Pengenalan Dalam acuan bahasa yang mudah, perkataan “gay” bermakna ‘berada di dalam situasi kegembiraan yang amat and menyeronokkan’. Perkataan ‘gay’ merujuk kepada perbuatan atau tingkah-laku yang berkait-rapat dengan budaya sesuatu kaum di mana kaum lelakinya tertarik sesama sendiri. Di dalam bab ini, perkataan “gay” dirujuk sebagai lelaki homoseksual. Dalam psikiatri, …

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Psychological Effect Following Traumatic Event

Introduction Traumatic events usually defined as experiences which are life threatening, or where there is a significant threat to one’s physical or psychological wellbeing. Someone experiencing traumatic events would be feeling helpless, vulnerable and not safe in this world. The impact of traumatic events is not the same for everybody. …

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Menopause and Mental Health

Introduction Menopause is the phase of a woman’s life when her menses stop. This is because her ovary stops producing oestrogen and progesterone hormones. As a result of hormonal changes, many women experiences physical and emotional symptoms. Symptoms of menopause and prevalence About 80% of women experience different symptoms of …

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Pregnancy In Patient With Mental Illness

Introduction Motherhood is supposedly a wonderful and fulfilling experience for most women. Unfortunately some women will face emotional and psychological problems during pregnancy and after delivery. For women who are mentally ill, pregnancy can be quite detrimental to their mental health if it’s not planned or managed properly. Pre-pregnancy: Women …

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Mental Health Need of Pre-School

What Parent can do

Introduction Children between the age of two to five years develop rapidly especially in language, social and cognitive skills. They will gradually acquire the ability to understand feelings and to be able to play symbolically and imaginatively. They started to venture further from home, forming relationships with peers and adults …

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