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Mental Health for Teenagers

How to Improve Self Esteem of Overweight Teenagers 15 Years & Below

Self-esteem can be defined as our basic sense of worth that comes from all the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that we have accumulated about ourselves in life. These impressions and evaluations add up to our feeling good about ourselves or feeling inadequate. One does not possess self-esteem overnight. It is …

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What is self-control? Self-control is the ability to control impulses, postpone immediate enjoyment, impose delay of reward, and tolerate frustration. Self-control can be acquired by engaging in acceptable behaviours well as refraining from embarking on socially unaccepted behaviours. Why do you need to have self-control? By acquiring self-control, you are …

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Understanding your Personality

What is personality? Personality is basically the character that you portray in private and in public. In your teens, your personality is still being molded by your experiences in early childhood as well as your current social surrounding. People usually have stable personalities by the time they reach about 21 …

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What is Self-Image? Self-image is the way you see yourself. It includes your: Beliefs Thoughts Feelings Ini adalah cara bagaimana kita berhubung dengan diri sendiri dan orang lain. Komponen keterampilan diri termasuk: Penampilan secara fizikal Pandangan anda terhadap diri sendiri dan pandangan orang lain terhadap diri anda Perasaan harga diri …

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