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Mental Health for Teenagers

Learning Difficulties

Introduction Learning requires complex skills. Input through vision, hearing, touch, emotion, physical movement and balance will be processed together. To learn, an individual needs to be able to concentrate, remember, analyze and apply i.e. must have cognitive ability. Any problems with the processing the system or getting input will affect …

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Self Esteem

What does self-esteem mean? Self esteem is a way in which a child values himself. What are the characteristics of children with high self-esteem? These children: Make friends easily Show enthusiasm for new activities Are cooperative and follow age appropriate rules Are able to control their behaviour Play by themselves …

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Conduct Problem & Delinquency

Introduction What are Conduct Problems? Conduct problems refer to behaviors that are problematic to the family and community. These behavior problems include: Aggression to people and animals Destruction of property Cheating and stealing Serious violations of rules Conduct problems can lead to conduct disorder when it involves repeated and consistent …

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