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Medication General

Tip to avoid medication errors

Introduction The medication use processes involving various stages and personnel. Every step involved in the process requires that the correct drug with a right dose, time and route of administration is given to the correct patient with the correct information. But when humans are involved, errors can happen. Most of …

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Pil Pencegah Kehamilan

Apakah itu Pil Kontraseptif Oral atau Pil Pencegah Kehamilan? Ubat yang digunakan untuk mencegah kehamilan. Pil pencegah kehamilan ini mengandungi hormon wanita sama ada: Kombinasi estrogen dan progestogen. Progestogen. Bagaimanakan Pil Ini Bertindak? Bertindak mencegah kehamilan dengan menukar keseimbangan hormon badan secara: Mencegah ovulasi (menghalang pengeluaran telur) dengan merencatkan proses …

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Medicines and breasfeeding

What are the effects of medicines on breastfeeding mothers? Administration of medicines during breastfeeding may sometimes be necessary to the mother. Most drugs pass through the bloodstream and will be present in small amounts in the mother’s milk. To minimise your baby’s exposure to drugs you will need to discuss …

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Pregnancy & Medication

How does medication affect your pregnancy? Medicines can have harmful effects on the foetus at any time during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, you should minimise your use of medicines and herbal remedies that you can buy from the pharmacy. Some medicines are known to be …

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Drugs Abuse in Sports

What are the issues involving drugs and sports? The use of drugs to improve sporting performance has not only caused unhealthy side effects but also deaths in athletes over the years. In 1967, the International Olympic Committee agreed to ban or restrict the use of certain substances or methods that …

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