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Medication General

Stem Cells

What are stem cells? Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, unlike the specialised cells in our body such as nerve cells, muscle cells and blood cells. They are capable of developing into various types of cells and tissues. In the human body, stem cells serve as an internal repair system during …

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Tips for Caregiver of Elderly Patient

Many adult children who are caregivers for frail parents have a primary responsibility of administering medicines to their group. Yet even active older adults who care for themselves may need help in taking medicines safely and appropriately. Take some time to help your parents who are not in your care to make good use of their medicines and stay independent longer.

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Medication Abuse

Introduction Medication abuse occurs when you’re not taking medication according to doctors/pharmacists instruction. Some examples of medication abuse are as below: Taking medication that was prescribed for other people Taking a larger dose than instructed Taking medication in a different way from instruction. For example tablets were crushed and taken …

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What is radiopharmaseutical?

Introduction Radiopharmaceutical is a drug contain radioactive material and used for medical purpose; diagnosing and to treat certain diseases. In the field of Nuclear Medicine, almost 95% is indicated for diagnosing diseases both cancer and non-cancer type. The dose given is small and drug administration is consider safe provided that …

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