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Newborn Skin Lesions

Diaper Rash

Friction or irritation This is the commonest cause of diaper rash, most commonly on areas where the diapers rub against the skin, fit too tightly or are left on for too long, such as the inner thighs, or under the elastic of diapers. These rashes usually get better easily with …

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Benign Pustular lesions

Miliaria This rash is often referred to as ‘prickly heat’ or ‘heat rash’. Appear as tiny clear or red bumps in the skin usually on the head, neck and upper trunk. Caused by blocked sweat ducts and leakage of sweat and debris into the skin. Babies have more immature sweat …

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Pigmented Birthmarks

Mongolian blue spot Very common in Malaysian babies Bluish flat patches Mainly found on the back, bottom and legs Become fainter as the child grows Do not cause any problems Cafe’ au lai spot More common in dark-skinned people. A single spot may be present in up to 10% – …

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Benign Papular Lesions

Milia Small (1-2 mm), pearly white bumps Found in up to half of newborn babies Caused by the retention of old skin cells and oily material within hair follicles Most frequently located on the face, especially nose, upper cheeks and chin This usually clears off within the first few months …

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Vascular Birthmarks

These are vascular skin lesions present at birth or in the first few months of life. They are common and most disappear as the child grows. Some birthmarks may be an indicator of other diseases. Check with your doctor or nurse at the nearest government clinic during the baby check-ups …

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