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Children Immunisation

Immunisation: Facts And Myths

What is a vaccine? A vaccine contains antigen(s) that is formulated using parts or whole of virus or bacteria, either killed or inactivated (weakened). It is used to induce our body’s immune system to develop protective immunity against specific diseases. Today, most vaccines are in combinations to ease the administration …

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Introduction of Immunisation

Immunisation is the process of giving vaccines to the baby with the intention of stimulating the defense mechanism against infectious diseases. These vaccines are killed or weakened virus and whole or part of bacteria. They are given mainly by injection (either into the muscle or beneath the skin) or through …

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Used of Vaccines

Vaccines used in the Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysia No Disease Vaccine product Route of giving vacci 1 Tuberculosis Weakened bacterium (BCG) Beneath the skin in the arm 2 Diphtheria Modified bacterial toxin(D)     DTaP/ Hib/ IPV is given together into the muscle of the thigh (if less than …

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