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Ear, Nose & Throat

Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate

What is cleft lip or cleft palate? A cleft lip is a split in the upper lip. A cleft palate is a split in the roof of the mouth. How does this defect arise? This condition is the result of incomplete fusion of the mouth parts during early development of …

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Nose Bleed

Nose bleed is a common problem among the children. It can occur spontaneously or secondary to trauma. Most of the time the cause is not identified. It is often related to the ‘little area’ in the nose that can bleed easily. What causes nose bleeds? There are many causes and …

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Common Cold

What is a common cold? Common cold is an infection of the nose and throat. It is usually caused by a virus. It is the most common infectious illness among young children with the highest rate during the first 2 years. Most children catch several ‘colds’ in a year. The …

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Hearing Impairment in Children

What is considered as hearing impairment? Hearing impairment is defined as inability of a person to hear properly. It may be total hearing loss (profound) or partial hearing loss and is due to some hearing defect either in one or both ears. Hearing impairment may present in children in a …

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Ear Infection

One of the most common health problems in children is ear infection. It is very disturbing to the child resulting in sleeping and feeding problems. They may even cry excessively for unknown reasons. Most children have at least one middle ear infection before they are 2 years old. What are …

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