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Child Safety

Snake Bite


Types of snakes found in Malaysia There are more than 140 species of land snakes found in Malaysia. Only about 17 of these are poisonous. Important venomous snakes in Malaysia are the cobras (common cobra, king cobra), vipers (Russell’s Viper, Malayan pit viper and green tree pit viper) and kraits. …

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Playground Safety

Introduction Playgrounds, despite providing wonderful opportunities for fun, exercise and recreation, can be a hazardous place when safety is ignored. Each year 250,000 children below 15 years in USA sustain injuries at playgrounds and require emergency treatment. In Malaysia about 3000 cases of injuries occur at the playground every 3 …

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Road Safety

Introduction Children are often victims of many road traffic accidents (RTAs). They can be the pedestrians, passenger of a car or bus, or pillion rider. The severity of injuries sustained in RTAs varies. Motorcyclists and pillion riders were the commonest road users suffering from injuries and deaths in Malaysia. Prevention …

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Introduction Poisoning in children is a major cause of illness. 90% of poisoning cases occur at home. Toddlers are at higher risk for poisoning as their natural exploring and curiosity behaviour may result in ingestion. Common sources of poisons in the household : Kerosene and hydrocarbon (petrol) Prescribed medicine Insecticides, …

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Drowning can easily occur in infants and toddlers. They are not able to fully protect themselves such that drowning may occur in bathtubs, containers or pails. Pre-school children tend to drown in the drains, ditches, wells and pools. School children on the other hand tend to drown in streams, rivers …

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Introduction Falls are the most common home accident in Malaysian children. Children between ages 1 to 4 are more prone to falls. They are at risk because of their development stages and their surrounding environment. Falls can happen anywhere : Within the home, example from : furniture staircase balcony baby …

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Burn & Scalds

Introduction Burn is a common injury which is easily prevented. In case of abuse, burns can be intentionally inflicted. Children are naturally susceptible to burn injuries because of their curiosity and immature motor skills. Common causes of burns include : Scalds from tipped-over hot water, cooking fluids or hot water-bath …

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Introduction Choking is common in young children and it is one of the causes of unintentional death among children. Their smaller airways and windpipe put them at risk of choking. In choking, the obstructed airway or windpipe will prevent oxygen from reaching the lungs and subsequently brain. This can cause …

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