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Children With Unilateral Hearing Loss

Unilateral Hearing Loss: The Facts This condition is also known as single-sided hearing loss, in which one side of the ear is normal. It could be in the range of mild to profound loss. The unilateral hearing loss could be caused by infections, inter-uterine infections (from mother to the fetus), …

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Care of and use of spacer device

What is a spacer device? A spacer device is a plastic container designed for easy delivery of asthma medication in the form of aerosol from the metered dose inhaler. The asthma medications are the reliever and the preventer. Metered dose inhaler Source: http://www.ayurprakash.com/get-the-best-ayurvedic-treatment-of-bronchial-asthma- in-india/ The spacer device is used to deliver …

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Immunisation: Facts And Myths

What is a vaccine? A vaccine contains antigen(s) that is formulated using parts or whole of virus or bacteria, either killed or inactivated (weakened). It is used to induce our body’s immune system to develop protective immunity against specific diseases. Today, most vaccines are in combinations to ease the administration …

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Warning Signs And Where To Go For Help

What is Normal Development? Child development is a dynamic process shaped by a complex interplay between genetic and environmental factors. Development is the acquisition of skills and abilities in a progressive manner as the child grows. Normal development means that a child will be expected to acquire certain skills encompassing …

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Blocked Nose in Babies

Blocked nose is a common condition and rarely may cause serious health problems in babies. Blocked nose can also be referred to as stuffy nose or nasal congestion. Nasal congestion occurs when the tissues lining the nose becomes swollen due to the inflamed blood vessels. The nasal passages in babies …

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School Refusal- What Parents Can Do

School refusal refers to intense fear of going to school that results in significant school absence. It is different from truancy where children do not typically engage in antisocial behavior, and they stay at home with the knowledge of the family despite their best effort to ensure school attendance. Approximately …

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