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School Refusal- What Parents Can Do

School refusal refers to intense fear of going to school that results in significant school absence. It is different from truancy where children do not typically engage in antisocial behavior, and they stay at home with the knowledge of the family despite their best effort to ensure school attendance. Approximately …

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Tips To Encourage Children To Talk

  Communication through verbal is the main method people use to communicate. Every parents dream their child to be able to talk clearly as soon as can be. Talking skills is important for each children to serves many purposes. Children express verbally their emotions, daily needs, educational needs and also …

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Hearing Loss: Effects On Children Development

  Question 1: Is hearing important for children? Yes. Children acquire language, talk, learn, play and built social skills through listening. Source: taskatitiankasih.blogspot.com Question 2: Does hearing loss have a negative impact on a child’s development? Yes. Three main effects of hearing loss are: Delay in language acquisition Learning difficulties …

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