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Leg Swelling or Oedema in Elderly

Introduction Leg swelling can occur to any parts of the legs, including the feet, ankles, calves or thighs The aetiology of chronic leg swelling may be complex and a number of different factors may predispose an individual to develop swelling Patients with chronic leg oedema may experience increased psychological distress …

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Choosing Walking Aid

    Introduction Human body is made to move. Mobility is vital part of our daily lives. Moving improves ability to perform daily activities and thus improves quality of life. Walking can become a problem as people aged by means of disabilities preventing the person from using the limbs, reduced …

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Dyspnoea / Shortness of Breath in Elderly

Introduction Dyspnoea is a sensation of difficulty or uncomfortable breathing. It is the same with breathlessness or shortness of breath Dyspnoea is a common symptom but can be both distressing and frightening for patients and carers Dyspnoea is a result from complex interactions between neurologic stimulation, the mechanics of breathing …

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Prevention of Falls

Introduction The major strategies to prevent falls in the elderly are reducing the risk-factors leading to falls. Most falls among older persons are associated with identifiable and modifiable risk-factors. It is also known that risk is greatly increased for those with multiple risk-factors. Promoting Healthy lifestyle – Healthy ageing Elderly …

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