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Factors Affecting Emotional Changes Among Elderly

Introduction Aging is another stage of life such as childhood, adolescence or adulthood. People age differently and experience aging differently based on genetic factors, lifestyle and personal attitudes. Aging means various changes in term of physical, psychological, relationships, social, environment, situation, behavior, spiritual, and intellectual. Everyone adjusts to aging differently. …

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Treatment of Sexual Disorders in Older Woman

Introduction Treatment for sexual disorders in the older woman are available but underutilize. If you encounter this problem, you should consult your doctor. Assessment Your doctor will take a comprehensive history to determine the possible medical cause which may impact your sexual function (example; depression, anxiety, substance abuse, menopause, diabetes). …

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Epidemiologi Masalah insomnia adalah biasa dikalangan warga emas. Kekerapan insomnia adalah 40-50% daripada warga emas berumur 60 ke atas dan lebih pada golongan wanita berbanding lelaki. Definasi Insomnia Insomnia adalah perasaan subjektif di mana seseorang itu merasakan  bahawa beliau kekurangan tidur atau rasa tidak puas walaupun telah mendapat peluang untuk …

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Health Aspect

Introduction All of us go through the process of aging and growing old can be a pleasant experience Healthy aging means preparing yourself for your later years so that you will have a healthy, happy, fulfilling and fruitful life Even though aging happens naturally, healthy aging need careful planning Planning …

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Hair Problem among Elderly

Introduction As people age, most people experience changes of their body functions and organs in some way due to changes in individual cells and in body organs These changes may result in changes in appearance and thus the experience of aging Similarly, hair colour starts to change and by age …

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