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Osteoporotic Fracture

Introduction Osteoporotic fractures are emerging as a major public health problem in the aging population. Fractures result in increased morbidity, mortality and health care expenditures. At 50 years of age, 4 in 10 women will experience a hip, vertebral or forearm fracture in their remaining lifetime, and are more likely …

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Medication Management

Introduction The aging of the population, together with the resultant higher rates of chronic diseases and the increasing availability of therapeutic agents, have caused an increase in drug use among the elderly 1. The majority of older people take one or more medications daily to manage their multiple chronic conditions …

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What Should You Do When You Fall

Introduction Fall is defined as an event when a person is unintentionally falling to the ground or lower level usually the floor other than the consequence of sustaining a violent blow, loss of consciousness or sudden onset of paralysis due to stroke or seizure. Falls are common among the older …

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Prevention Of Driving Hazard In The Older Persons

Introduction For the older persons, the risk of injuring themselves and others while driving is higher than that for a younger driver because of various age-associated changes and conditions that are common among the elderly. Driving can sometimes be challenging for older persons as they will likely to notice that …

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Tips To Communicate With Elderly With Hearing Problem

Sensorineural hearing loss in the elderly (Presbycusis) occurs due to degeneration process of the organ of hearing. This hearing disorder is progressive and permanent in nature. It is estimated that about 30%  of elderly of 65 to 75 years and 50% of over 75 years old are having hearing problem. …

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Emotional Changes Among Older Person

Introduction Aging is another stage of life such as childhood, adolescence or adulthood. Older persons age differently and experience aging differently. They might experience various changes in term of physical, psychological, relationships, social, environment, situation, behavior, spiritual and intellectual. Everyone adjusts to aging differently. For those who fails to adjust …

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