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Techniques of Relaxation

Deep Breathing This is the most basic technique. Breath in and out deeply. Can be done anywhere and any time. Try to practice for a few minutes 3 to 4 times daily and whenever you feel tense. (More info on procedure) Imagery It is about building pictures in the mind. …

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Preparation for Relaxation

Make your self cool and comfortable: Go to toilet or clean yourself first. Loosen tight clothing; remove the glasses and take of your shoes. Choose a quite, uninterrupted and cool room. Get into a comfortable position (lying or sitting) Last Review : 26 April 20112 Writer : Sarkuna Devi : …

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Types of Relaxation

Deep breathing Imagery Stretching Exercise Other relaxation techniques Progressive muscular relaxation (more complex technique) Meditation Tai-chi Music Dancing Massage Progression Of Exercise Programme For strengthening – add weights, starting with low weights and low repetitions. For endurance, to strengthen the heart and build up stamina – increase repetitions. The aerobic …

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General Advice for Relaxation

Choose the best technique that suits you. Learn and practice that technique often. Do not get up suddenly after a relaxation practice. Spend a minute or two enjoying the relaxed sensation. Get up slowly when you are ready. It is not possible to learn relaxation in one session. Practice more …

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Aim of Relaxation

Relaxation is a state in which you feel relieved from tension or strain. There are different techniques of relaxation. Aim Relieve stress in conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, difficulty in sleeping, tension headaches and asthma. Coping skill – to calm the mind and restore clarity of thought. Relaxation is …

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