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Osteoporotic Fracture

Introduction Osteoporotic fractures are emerging as a major public health problem in the aging population. Fractures result in increased morbidity, mortality and health care expenditures. At 50 years of age, 4 in 10 women will experience a hip, vertebral or forearm fracture in their remaining lifetime, and are more likely …

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Prevention Of Driving Hazard In The Older Persons

Introduction For the older persons, the risk of injuring themselves and others while driving is higher than that for a younger driver because of various age-associated changes and conditions that are common among the elderly. Driving can sometimes be challenging for older persons as they will likely to notice that …

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Elderly at Risk

Elderly at general As a person gets older, the immune systems become less effective at fighting against infections. This means that the elderly are more likely to catch infections, and they take longer time to recover from one. Even if vaccination was given during childhood, the immunity to combat disease …

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Prevention of Falls

Introduction The major strategies to prevent falls in the elderly are reducing the risk-factors leading to falls. Most falls among older persons are associated with identifiable and modifiable risk-factors. It is also known that risk is greatly increased for those with multiple risk-factors. Promoting Healthy lifestyle – Healthy ageing Elderly …

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