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Healthy Ageing

Kidney (Renal)

Older people have increased frequency or passing urine at night (nocturia) due to the inability of the aged kidney to concentrate urine and to handle extra water effectively. Excessive or rapid fall in function is not part of normal aging process but due to complication of chronic illness like hypertension, diabetes mellitus or other diseases in earlier life.

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As people age, the muscles used in breathing such as the diaphragm, tend to weaken by up to 25% with aging. Also, slightly less oxygen is absorbed from air that is breathed in.

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As people age, the skin tends to become thinner, less elastic and finely wrinkled. However, exposure to sunlight over the years contributes to wrinkling and to making the skin rough and blotchy.

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Mouth & Nose

Generally, the abilities to taste and smell start to gradually diminish as people age. The abilities to taste with the tongue and to smell with the nose are both needed to enjoy the full range of flavors in food.

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As people age, they may hear less well and balance may become difficult to maintain. These changes occur because some structures in the ear that help with hearing or balance deteriorate with age

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Brain & Nervous System

As people age, the number of nerve cells in the brain decreases. Brain weight decreases by 20% by age 90, selective nerve cells loss of between 5 and 50% and cells tend to shrink. Because of these changes, the brain may function slightly less well. Older people may react and …

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