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Common Condition

Choosing Walking Aid

    Introduction Human body is made to move. Mobility is vital part of our daily lives. Moving improves ability to perform daily activities and thus improves quality of life. Walking can become a problem as people aged by means of disabilities preventing the person from using the limbs, reduced …

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Drug-Related Problems in the Elderly

Introduction Elderly people are unique. They are in a time of losses and poor reserve with atypical presentation; more degenerative disorders; multiple co-morbidity; unreported illnesses e.g. depression, urinary incontinence or dementia. It is very important to differentiate the aged-related changes from true disease process so as to prevent iatrogenic problem. …

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How to Care for Your Nasogastric Tube

Introduction The patient maybe discharged with a feeding-tube called a nasogastric tube, or NG tube. The NG tube is inserted through the patient’s nose and into his/her stomach to provide them with food, fluids, and medication. This maybe because the patient has difficulty swallowing safely or adequately. Here’s what you need …

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Perineal Care

Introduction Perineal care is the get of washing the genital and rectal areas of the body. It should be done at least once a day during bed bath, shower, or tub bath. It is done more often when a patient is incontinent. This prevents infection, odors and irritation. Wash your …

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