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Amblyopia (Lazy Eyes)

What is amblyopia or ‘Lazy Eye?‘ Amblyopia or lazy eye is an eye condition that refers to blur vision that is not correctable by glasses, contact lenses or eye surgery. The eyes look normal and no eye diseases detected. This condition commonly occur in one eye and rarely in both …

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Assistance For Disaster Victims In Hospital

Disaster is defined as a sudden incident that is complex happened to mothernature whether because of natural or human factors. It could involve loss of life or injury, damage to property or the environment and it affect the activities of the local community.The level of severity experienced after the disaster took place depends on the resilience of the affected population and their ability to recover.

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Differences Between Hyperopia And Presbyopia

Introduction In common cases, people are confused with hyperopia and presbyopia. Both can cause difficulty in reading and fine work. Presbyopia and hyperopia are actually two different eye problems. Any objects will be clear if the image formed on the retina. There are three components of the eye that helps …

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