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Ionising Radiation

Definition of Radiation Radiation is the process of emission and transmission of energy through medium or space in the form of waves or particle nuclei. There are two types of waves, that is mechanical and electromagnetic and two types of particle which are charged and uncharged particle. Electromagnetic Radiation Waves …

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Radiation Protection Of Patients

Introduction There are many organization bodies and agencies who involve in the development of standards for radiation protection. These organizations also involve in establishing new regulation for the protection against hazards caused by ionizing radiation used in medical fields. Examples of international organizations involve are International Commission on Radiological Protection …

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Basic Safety Guide For Farmers

Introduction Farmer’s eyes are the second most frequently injured body part. However, poor awareness among farmers regarding the importance of using an eye protection during farm work can cause a very serious eye injury that may lead to blindness. Eye injuries or eye diseases can occur among those who are …

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The Rights Of Contact Lens Users

Introduction The use of contact lenses is gaining popularity in the society. The lens does not only function as an alternative to spectacles. In fact, it is also widely used for aesthetic purpose. Colored contact lens is increasingly popular in the society especially among the younger generation. The escalating popularity …

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Mom, I Can’t See!

Introduction Do not take things for granted when our children complain “Mom, I can’t see the writing on the blackboard“. Parents must take appropriate action in the event of a situation like this. Many parents are surprised when told that their children have blurred vision and need to wear glasses. …

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Bright, Glowing Eyes: Eye Care Tips

Introduction The eye is one of the attractiveness of an individual. Having beautiful eyes are everybody’s dream especially women. People are willing to spend money in order to get healthy and glowing eyes. Here are some simple tips for attractive and beautiful eyes Adequate sleep. Make sure you get enough …

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