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Radiation Safety


What Is Allergy? Allergy means a change of activity. It is also known as hypersensitivity reactions which occur when the immune system reacts to a foreign body that enters the body [1]. Allergic reactions: * minor (e.g. nausea, dizziness). * major (e.g. difficulty in breathing and discomfort in the chest). …

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What is Hysterosalpingography Examination? Hysterosalpingography / HSG is an examination to visualise uterus and the fallopian tube.[1] The examination is done under fluoroscopy and uses contrast medium to visualise the uterus and fallopian tube more clearly. [2] The Radiologist will be able to have a complete view overall view of …

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Radiation Protection For Patient

What Is Radiation Protection? Radiation protection, sometimes known as radiological protection, is the science and practice of protecting people and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is widely used in industry and medicine, and can present a significant health hazard. It causes microscopic damage to …

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Introduction Radiological procedures have been performed for many-many years to the assist the clinician in making a diagnosis on the patient’s condition. Despites its advantages, x-rays are harmful to the human body especially the developing foetus. Hence of women of child bearing age who turn up for a radiological procedure …

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