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Postmortem Computed Tomography

Postmortem Computed Tomography (PMCT) is a radiographic examination of deceased used by forensic pathologists in assisting determination of cause of death, identification of deceased as well as localization of foreign material such as bullet fragments.

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Forensic and Myths

A dead body that has not died of an infectious disease or that id not a carrier of any contagious disease presents minimal threat to the public. Thus far, there is no documented evidence that such dead bodies pose health risks to the public. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence against it.

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Liquor For Living, Is It Worth?

A person who consumes significant amount of alcohol every day (more than six cups) is more easily to develop diseases related to alcohol that can be fatal. Not only that, alcohol can cause death in a variety of ways due to violence, accidents, toxic poisoning, etc.

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DNA and Forensic Science

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the key components of life. It contains sets of biological instruction that make up the personality of the individual. This information was passed on from generation to generation through the reproductive development.

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