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Court Witness

An eyewitness is thus a person who saw something happens, such as, a crime or accident. Eyewitnesses, as mentioned before, are usually people who present at the scene or nearby during the commission of a crime.

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Have You Ever Found A Body?

When a person is dead, the deceased is called a dead body or corpse. If you ever found parts of human bodies such as a leg, one arm or ears, it is difficult to conclude that those body parts owned by a dead body. Unless, the body parts that you have found was a human head.

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Last Rites

Management of dead body is an obligation from those who live on the dead. In Islam, it is known as Fardhu Kifayah which mean it must be completed before the dead is buried. Even in other religion followers, it is a final tribute done by the alive person on the dead.

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Battered Victim And Child Abused

Violence is defined as an intentional use of force, threat or gross exaggeration, towards ownself, other people, or against a group or community either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, emotional disorders, stunted growth or distress.

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The Truth Behind Road Traffic Crash

Road traffic crash can be classified based on victim involved, namely pedestrian, driver and passenger. In developing countries like Malaysia, classification also involve two-wheeled vehicle rider such as motorcycle due to the case frequency that is relatively high. Every category of victim usually experiences a different extent of injuries.

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