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Heredity Hearing Loss

What is heredity hearing loss? Heredity hearing loss is a condition where a hearing loss is inherited or passed down from parents to their children. The hearing problem is either syndromic or non-syndromic. Syndromic hearing loss is when the hearing loss is related to other medical condition a person might …

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Hearing Aids : What Is The Real Expectation?

People can have hearing loss regardless of age, social status or occupation. It can happen progressively and people might not realize it. Many factors can contribute to hearing loss. Therefore, the precaution steps also depend on the factors. This article stress on the expectation of hearing aids so that it …

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Hearing Aid Care

A hearing aid is a battery powered electronic device which is designed to amplify environmental and speech sound in order to facilitate communication. It’s main components are; microphone, amplifier, earphone/speaker, and battery. The microphone of hearing aid captures sound signal and converts sound into electricity before sends them to the …

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Hearing Aids – A Review On The Latest Technology

Hearing Aids Source : http://audiologistny.com/hearing-aids/ Have you heard of hearing aid? Hearing aid is a device which helps to improve hearing ability for people with hearing loss. Hearing loss is known to affect the daily communication following reduced clarity in sound perception. How does a hearing aid function? Generally, every …

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