Body Odour

What is body odour?

  • When your sweat mixes with bacteria, it causes an unpleasant body odour
  • Body odour is also influenced by certain foods like garlic and curry

Is any particular person more prone to body odour?

  • Anyone may affected
  • Boys are more affected than girls

What are the symptoms?

  • Unpleasant smell especially after sweating
  • The smell disappears with a bath

Is there any treatment for body odour?

  • Use antibacterial soap
  • Use antiperspirant deodorant

How can one reduce body odour?

Tips to reduce body odour:

  • Have regular baths
  • Change your clothes regularly
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Choose clothes made from natural fibres like cotton and silk
  • Shave hair at your armpits
  • Do not take too much garlic, curry and onions


Last Reviewed : 28 August 2020
Content Writer : Dr. Salmiah bt. Md. Sharif
Reviewer : Dr. Nazhatussima bt. Suhaili