Benign Pustular lesions


  • This rash is often referred to as ‘prickly heat’ or ‘heat rash’.
  • Appear as tiny clear or red bumps in the skin usually on the head, neck and upper trunk.
  • Caused by blocked sweat ducts and leakage of sweat and debris into the skin.
  • Babies have more immature sweat ducts that burst with excessive sweat production.
  • Treatment :
    • Decrease sweating and relieve the blocked sweat ducts by wearing loose, airy clothing.
    • Avoid overheating, air-conditioning would be preferable.
    • Frequent bathing or wet with water frequently.

Erythema toxicum neonatorum

  • Despite what the name ‘toxicum’ suggests, this is a benign rash.
  • It seems to be a result of the skin’s regulatory mechanisms adjusting to life outside the uterus.
  • Usually presents within the first two weeks of life. During the first few days, blotchy red rashes are found, followed by firm yellowish bumps surrounded by a red flare.
  • The rash tends to come and go, shifting its location across the body. The palms and soles are often left out.
  • This condition may be confused with more serious infections of the skin.
  • No treatment is required.
Last reviewed : 27 April 2012
Content Writer : Dr. Irene Cheah Guat Sim
    Dr. Terrence Thomas
    Dr. Umathevi Paramasivam
Reviewer : Dr. Sabeera Begum bt. Kader Ibrahim