Benign Papular Lesions


  • Small (1-2 mm), pearly white bumps
  • Found in up to half of newborn babies
  • Caused by the retention of old skin cells and oily material within hair follicles
  • Most frequently located on the face, especially nose, upper cheeks and chin
  • This usually clears off within the first few months of life
  • No treatment is required
  • There is no known prevention

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Sebaceous gland hyperplasia

  • Multiple tiny yellow or flesh coloured papules on the nose and cheeks and upper lip of newborn babies.
  • It is thought to be from the effects of the mother’s hormones on the baby’s sweat glands and will resolve on its own in the first month of life.
Last reviewed : 28 August 2020
Content Writer : Dr. Irene Cheah Guat Sim
    Dr. Terrence Thomas
    Dr. Umathevi Paramasivam
Reviewer : Dr. Zainab bt. Kusiar