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Wan Syakimah bt. Wan Ismail

Heat Therapy VS Ice Therapy

Heat and Ice therapy are easy, affordable and natural ways to relieve pain. In Physiotherapy, these modalities are useful to treat varieties of musculoskeletal injuries as both are able to treat soft tissues injury and muscles spasm, as well as a variety of other painful conditions

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Assessing Sperm Morphology By Using Computer Aided Sperm Analysis (CASA) System

Introduction The morphology of sperm cells is the end result of a highly complex process of cellular modifications occurring during spermiogenesis. In humans, it leads to widely heterogenous morphological pattern, with many cellular abnormalities which may be associated with sperm dysfunction. The morphological assessment of human spermatozoa which includes the …

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Sperm Preparation Techniques

Introduction Since the birth of Louise Brown on 25 July 1978 and the subsequent onset of assisted reproduction in the human, scientists and clinicians were more urged to improve sperm separation techniques as the percentage of andrological cases increased rapidly and thus, a wide array of different laboratory techniques focusing …

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Court Witness

An eyewitness is thus a person who saw something happens, such as, a crime or accident. Eyewitnesses, as mentioned before, are usually people who present at the scene or nearby during the commission of a crime.

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