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Exercise Programme Session

The aerobic exercise programme comprises of three phases: Warm Up. Aerobic Exercise. Cool Down. Frequency – 3 to 5 times a week How hard – within your limits. Warm Up It helps to get your heart muscles and joints ready for your actual work-out. This will prevent injuries. Characteristics of …

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Benefits of Exercise

Improves your physical fitness. Improves balance, coordination and gait. Increases energy to cope with your normal daily tasks. Improves your self esteem and reduces anxiety. Quicker recovery from illness and stress. Controls your blood pressure and strengthens your heart. Improves glucose control. Retards osteoporosis. Greater opportunity to meet other people. …

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Exercise Safely

The guidelines below can help protect you from exercise related injuries and also make being active more enjoyable. Consult a doctor before starting on a vigorous exercise programme. Begin slowly and gradually build up over several weeks as you get fitter: Begin by alternating 2-3 minutes of exercise with 2-3 …

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Fitness is a state of well-being that allows people to perform daily activities with vigor, participate in a variety of physical activities and reduce the risk of health problems. It has the following components:- Strength – to cope with effort. Stamina – the ability to keep going. Suppleness – the …

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