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What is Self-Image? Self-image is the way you see yourself. It includes your: Beliefs Thoughts Feelings Ini adalah cara bagaimana kita berhubung dengan diri sendiri dan orang lain. Komponen keterampilan diri termasuk: Penampilan secara fizikal Pandangan anda terhadap diri sendiri dan pandangan orang lain terhadap diri anda Perasaan harga diri …

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Problem Solving

What is problem solving? They refer to the ability to identify problems, its causes and to come up with the possible solutions. Why do you lack problem solving skills? Inability to develop problem solving skills can be due to: Lack of life experiences Immaturity Inadequate opportunities to solve problem Lack …

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Negotiating Skills

What are negotiating skills? Negotiating skills refer to the ability that enables one to work towards an agreement These skills are required when two persons want something from each other. Why do you lack negotiating skills? Negotiating skills may be lacking due to: Lack of experience Immaturity Lack of opportunities …

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Communication Skills

Introduction Communication is important for you to express your thoughts and feelings. Effective communication witd people helps you to establish a healtdy relationship with them.What is good communication? Good communication habits involve: Stating tde issue clearly Taking turns to talk Take note what is good or bad communication habits Disagreeing …

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