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Safety Tips: Basketball

Basketball is a fun and great exercise to be played. Since basketball is a form of contact sport, injuries can occur frequently. Everyone is playing it because they love the game. And since basketball is played all year round, repetitive injuries resulting from overuse easily happen. Why basketball safety is …

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Facebook Love

Kita berkenalan hanya dalam laman muka buku Kau hantar pesan suruh aku terima kamu Ooh hati ku rasa sesuatu Dan pabila kau kata kau mahu jumpa aku Ku gelisah berdebar hati rasa tak menentu Oohh kenakah rasa itu Bagaimana harus bersua Ku rasa gementar tapi bahagia Perlukah kita cari peluang …

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One Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC)

Introduction The OSCC is a service provided at all government general hospitals in Malaysia. This centre is open 24 hours a day and caters to all cases pertaining to abuse, violence and exploitation of adults and children. The prevalence of such cases are on the rise in Malaysia as there …

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Sex for a Price

Definition Sex for a price refers to the act of sex for a fee, which is also called prostitution. It is illegal and against the Malaysian law if a teenager performs sex or is forced to have sex or paid a sum of money for the service provided. This act …

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Sexual Responsibilities

Introduction The United Nation Committee on Human Rights has affirmed that sexual and reproductive health is integral elements of the right of everyone to attain highest standard of physical and mental well being. Teenagers need to understand their sexual responsibilities, to respect the rights to freedom of choice, pleasure and …

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