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Introduction Carbohydrates are major constituents of physiological systems. The organic compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen [CxH2O)y]n, which along with lipids and proteins, provide energy and contribute to the structure of organisms. Complex carbohydrates are digested into simple sugars, principally glucose, which is used primarily as an energy source …

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Blood Gas Components

Definition Blood Blood is a body fluid with its main function is to transport important substances such as oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Blood also provides tissues with nutrients, removes waste product, and contains a variety of substances aimed at the immune system defending the body from infection. Endocrine …

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Bone Pain

Many teens present with bone pain especially pain at limbs. Sometimes the pains are short-lived and sometimes it may last for several months. Some of the pain might originate from the bone or it might come from the muscle or joints or other tissues in the joints.

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