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Thyroid Function Test

Thyroid gland is a lobular endocrine gland, typically with 2 lobes. It is butterfly-shaped and located at the neck below the larynx. Thyroid gland is made of follicles and each of these follicles is surrounded by a layer of follicular cells. The follicular cells function by producing thyroid hormones and …

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Obesity is a chronic condition that has now becomes an epidemic. The prevalence has risen significantly over the years including Malaysia.

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Pre Pregnancy Care (PPC)

What is Pre-Pregnancy Care? Pre-Pregnancy Care (PPC) is a set of healthcare and interventions given to women in their reproductive age before conception occur. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in 2006 defined Pre Pregnancy Care as ‘A set of intervention that aim to identify and modify biomedical, behavioural and …

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Nickel Contact Dermatitis

Introduction Nickel allergy is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis. Nickel is usually found in metal product. Nickel allergy may develop after repeated or prolonged exposure to items containing nickel. The dermatitis (eczema) develops in areas where nickel-containing metal touches the skin. The affected areas become …

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Work Rehabilitation

A systematic process called Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) was used to assess client’s functional ability that included physical and psychological abilities required in work setting such as physical, cognitive, emotional and communication abilities

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