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Total Transactions

Online Transactions for year 2016 Bil Perkhidmatan Online Jan Feb Mac April Mei Jun Julai Ogos Sept Okt Nov Dis Jumlah 1. Portal MyHEALTH 47,081 52,697 60,117 103,743  130,658  282,024  676,380 2. MyHEALTH – Penilaian Risiko Kesihatan 370 359 484 359  364  328  2,264 3. MyHEALTH – Perkhidmatan Tanya Pakar 53 …

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Health Games

Aktiviti Fizikal Amalan Kitar Semula Bobo Buster Bug Hunt Detektif Makanan Hindari Alkohol Jom Bungkus Jom Hapus Aedes Kafeteria Sihat Kebun Apek Kesihatan dan Kebersihan Diri Kesihatan Gigi Sang Buning Krew Anti Rokok Kuasa Perisai Label Ubat Makan dan Gosok Gigi Makan Sihat Badan Sihat Mengeja dan Mengenali Kesihatan Pergigian …

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Request For Post-Mortem Report : Step-By-Step

Introduction: What Is Post-mortem Report? Post-mortem report is a document prepared by the registered Forensic Specialist or Medical Officer who served in the Government of Malaysia (Fee Act 1951, Fee (Medical) in 1982) upon completion of a post-mortem performed. Post-mortem report has two basic components, namely the findings obtained from …

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Organ/Tissue Donation: From The Death To The Living

What is Organ/Tissue Donation? Based on Human Tissue Act 1974, organ donation is defined as the use of parts of deceased persons’ human bodies for the following purposes; therapeutic, medical education and research. Organ donation is a surgical procedure involving removal of organs from donor. These organs will be used …

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Beware! Hazards In Forensic Practice

Introduction Hazards are a common word related to occupational safety and health in workplace. Hazards can be defined as a potential source of harm or adverse effect on a person or persons. Category of Hazards Hazards can come from wide range of sources. General examples include any substance, material, process, …

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