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Abdominal X-Ray

Abdominal X-ray is an imaging examination to view certain aspects of the abdominal organs such as liver, spleen, gallbladder, diaphragm, stomach, small and large intestine. KUB is an abdominal X-ray focusing on the region of the kidneys, ureters and bladder.

The abdominal x-ray is normally performed with the patient lying down facing the X-ray tube.

The Examination Usually Performed For The Following Symptoms

  • Acute or chronic abdominal pain which may be due to inflammatory conditions such as acute cholecystitis, acute appendicitis or renal colic due to renal stones.
  • Abdominal distension which may be caused by obstruction of the small and large bowel.


pemeriksaan_radiologi_abdomen_1Picture 1: Radiograf  X-ray Abdomen


For adult patient, your doctor may require to prepare your bowel for abdominal and KUB X-rays. The main objective of bowel preparation is to empty the bowels, before the examination. It is important to clear the colon from all stools, food particles from obscuring the underlying disease that could lead to misdiagnosis. Your doctor will explain to you how to prepare your bowel if necessary.

You need to change into hospital clothing for the abdominal and KUB examination.

The abdominal X-ray will be performed by a radiographer. If you are a  women of child bearing age please inform your doctor and the radiographer if you suspect that you are pregnant. The examination may be postponed if you are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant.


Last Reviewed : 28 February 2014
Writer : Mohd Aiman bin Azmardi
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