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Experience Being a Victim of Kidnapping


kidnapping is a crime that violates the law, namely by transportation a person by force or fraud, or block and detain a person with intention to take away to another place against person’s  will. 

kidnapping occurs when a person uses an unauthorized power without the consent of the victims physically and with malicious intent to commit kidnapping. 

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Causes Of Kidnapping

The factors that inducing the kidnapping took place are:


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Thus, the hostage survival is facing  three typical emotional reactions which are:

  1. Cognitive  :  impaired memory and concentration; denial; confusion and disorientation; intrusive thoughts,  
  2. Emotion : Shock, numbness, anxiety, guilt, depression, anger and helplessness.
  3. Social  : social withdrawal and estrangement

Impacts On A Kidnap Victim

The negative effects of the kidnapping are as follows:

  • Psychological Trauma

  Basically, kidnapping can cause very deep negative connections such an extreme shock for the children because they are experiencing an unforgettable event in their life and they could not cope with the feeling which is lead to depression.

  • Mistrust, or Suspicious

Victims are usually difficult to trust anyone again due to, probably during the abduction, hostile was pretending to be a good person, but ultimately making them as hostages.

  • Fear

Nowadays, people are afraid of the abduction because they might be the next victim if they are not caution about their life. 

  • Torture

Kidnappers usually threaten their victims with death or beaten or tortured till they slump off. Therefore, victims need more time to recover their difficulties they faced.

  • Rape

Young kidnapper usually tends to rape hostage who is beautiful and driven by lust.

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Family and friends can provide support such as listening to feelings, steadfast and focused on their freedom and the need to refrain from talking about things that are negative. However, it is important to recognize that families and friends of the victims are also dealing with various issues in the face of this event. They also need support in dealing with their own emotional reactions. Some things need to be focused after the season free of kidnapping are:

  • Receive medical attention.
  • Be in a safe and secure environment.
  • Connect with loved ones.
  • Have an opportunity to talk or journal their experience if and when they choose.
  • Receive resources and information about how to seek counseling, particularly if their distress from the incident is interfering with their daily lives.
  • Protect their privacy (e.g. avoids media overexposure including watching and listening to the news and participating in media interviews).
  • Take time to adjust back into family and work.


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Last Reviewed : 23 November 2016
Writer : Rozilawati binti Kasim 
Translator : Rozilawati binti Kasim 
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